Commissioners Shoot Down SeaWorld’s Appeal

SeaWorld has taken several blows since the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau on February 24, 2010. After an attempt to appeal harsh OSHA citations which they were unable to stop, SeaWorld was met with a critical ruling made by Judge Welsch in favor of OSHA. The verdict required the company to update their safety protocols and install physical barriers so that trainers would be better protected when working with the killer whales. SeaWorld now faces their third consecutive defeat as their appeal of Judge Welsch’s verdict is shot down by OSHA Commissioners.

The options left for SeaWorld are dwindling, but they may be ready to pull out all the stops which could lead to more appeals perhaps even reaching the Supreme Court. It is clear that they are not yet ready to give up their iconic waterwork stunts in favor of greater employee safety. As of right now, Judge Welsch’s verdict stands and time is running out for SeaWorld to put their abatements in place for OSHA to accept and certify.


3 thoughts on “Commissioners Shoot Down SeaWorld’s Appeal

  1. OSHA makes me mad. All jobs with all animals in all environments are dangerous, and the people working with them know those risks. SW is not “willfully endangering” they’re trainers. The trainer chooses to take that risk.

    • Actually, the job would not be nearly as dangerous if the trainers were kept behind physical barriers or at a minimum distance from the whales. That’s the point – to eliminate dangers in the workplace. SeaWorld is a private sector corporation. They are legally required to comply with OSHA in regards to workplace safety.

  2. Please keep up your important work. I am sending links to your site to some advocates, as (as you probably know or can infer, US courts of final appeal are generally not in favor of the welfare of other animals) Sea World’s heavy efforts to profit through programs and entertainment are going to be difficult to overcome,

    for thecetaceans and others,

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