A Snippet of this Week’s Cetacean News

A couple months (or so) ago, Tim Zimmermann  reported that Kohana was pregnant. Pro-captivity activists responded by claiming that Zimmermann is a bad source for information, and that Kohana was certainly not pregnant. In the past few weeks, Zimmermann’s report has been confirmed by Loro Parque (Some captivity supporters are still in denial about Kohana’s pregnancy, and are still claiming that she is not pregnant. You can see in this recent videoof Kohana that she appears to be very pregnant. Yet the trainers are still allowing her to beach herself on the slideouts.) This week,

Kayla is next up on SeaWorld's breeding list.

Zimmermann reported that Kayla is next on SeaWorld’s orca breeding list. Once again, pro-captivity activists are claiming he is a bad source…I think we all know how this ends. The first thing I’m going to say about this is that Tim Zimmermann is not a dolphin expert, he is an expert journalist. His job is to find the information from inside sources and report it to the public. He is a reliable source because his reports have turned out to be very accurate and he has a good track record.

Dawn was an unfortunate victim of a practice that SeaWorld had allowed trainers to take part in: getting too close to the whales. As you can see in this photo, a trainer lays in the slideout with Tilikum...Look familiar to you?

The second big thing that happened this week was a blog post by Voice of the Orcas, revealing the report of SeaWorld’s “expert” that they put on the stands to testify at the OSHA hearings. The “expert” (Jeff Andrews) claims in his report, that the incident between Dawn and Tilikum was not violent. But according to Dawn’s autopsy her arm was torn off, she was forcibly scalped and her internal organs showed signs of blunt force trauma (that is, she was rammed and suffered internal injuries.) The attack was non-violent? I don’t think so. To top off his report, he goes on to do what SeaWorld has done best since February 24, 2010: blame Dawn for her own death. Jeff Andrews says, “The only thing that led to this event was a mistake made by Ms. Brancheau…”

Dawn didn’t make a mistake. There are many pictures showing trainers working up close with Tilikum as you can see above. There are only a 2 parties to blame in the incident: Dawn or SeaWorld. Of course SeaWorld wouldn’t want to take the blame. They would rather blame Dawn, and appeal their fine than to admit anything. I think the claim that it is Dawn’s fault she is dead is disrespectful and dishonoring.

Speaking of which, the petition that claims David Kirby’s book “Death at SeaWorld” is disrespectful to Dawn is still popping up here and there. It’s recently been featured in several articles to illustrate the pure ignorance that is coming from the pro-captivity side. These folks would censor information and give up their rights to free speech if it means saving their theme park from the possibility of negative publicity, or “exposure.” The irony is that the petition is only giving SeaWorld more negative publicity and is doing more harm than good. In addition, the petition urging censorship is itself censoring those who sign or comment stating: “All anti-captivity comments will be removed…!” Videos that promote the petition are often graced with similar comments. Yet at

Death at SeaWorld is still scheduled to be released in July, and the petition to censor it is still being talked about.

the end of the petition, the confused author says that the goal of the petition is not censorship. One article that mentioned the petition said:

“There has also been an attempt of censorship made by SeaWorld supporters on a  book being released by author David Kirby. Recently, Digital Journal spoke with Kirby, about  these attempts to censor and even ban his new book, Death at SeaWorld.  Activists concerned that Kirby is exploiting Dawn’s death for profit have  launched two separate petitions to ask bookstores not to sell it and the media  not to promote it. But they have yet to read the book.”

      This article was written last night. Not only does it mention the censorship petition, but it centers around, and questions the fact that it took SeaWorld 27 minutes to call the authorities after Dawn was attacked. This was ample enough time for SeaWorld employees to escort out nearly all of the eye witnesses, and target the cameras in different directions so they would not pick up any action. Some captivity supporters have responded by asking “well, what was 911 supposed to do?” This logic doesn’t hold up. Obviously

SeaWorld stores dangerous chemicals with the food that is given to the animals.

you’re supposed to call the authorities when there is an accident. Besides that, nobody can explain away the fact that the 27 minutes was used to get rid of eyewitnesses and prevent the cameras from capturing any footage.

A couple of weeks ago The Orca Project published an article regarding chemicals that are stored with the animal food at SeaWorld. Yesterday, another article was made that brought more facts to light:

“SeaWorld  Orlando could become a target for terrorists trying to obtain  chemicals, according to a preliminary review of businesses, universities  and other facilities across the country by the federal government.”

SeaWorld is one of the top 7,000 places in the nation that is focused on by homeland security as vulnerable to terrorist theft. This is due to all of the disastrous chemicals that they have in their possession. Not only that, but back in 2001, several employees were hospitalized due to a chemical related accident.

Also, for the past couple of weeks, photos have been passed around the internet of Kasatka and Tuar and a mysterious skin condition that is affecting them, while another video has resurfaced showing Kasatka and Nakai crying separated by iron bars and crying to each other.

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One thought on “A Snippet of this Week’s Cetacean News

  1. Hello, I am not sure if you check this blog, but I am someone who is helping Tim Zimmermann collect information. I noticed that you had linked to an unlisted video on the “Occupyloroparqe” channel that was uploaded recently. I am interested in following the new uploads of this channel and seeing past videos. Tim himself has been asking around to try and get in touch with the owner but so far has not had success. I was wondering if you knew where these unlisted video links were being distributed and how I might get in contact with whoever is distributing them? I’m wanting to follow what is going on at Loro Parque, and this channel apparently has regular updates showing more than just the usual shows. If you would be willing to help me I can exchange email addresses with you to keep it private. Thank you!

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