SeaWorld’s Attempt at Updating its Safety Procedures Isn’t Going as Planned

Construction on the rising pools at SeaWorld hasn't gotten anywhere in the past few months. Reportedly, the pool was torn apart in Feb. 2012 as workers start over with their construction for the third time since the beginning of the project.

    Back in November I made a blog post regarding SeaWorld’s updated safety procedures. Before Dawn’s death, the most up-to-date safety methods basically involved some nets and ropes. But since Dawn’s death, OSHA has pressured them to update. In response, they have been attempting to create fast rising floors for their pools. The med pool already features a slow rising floor, but the hope is that this floor will be able to rise quickly should a trainer be caught in the lethal jaws of a killer whale.

    Of course the biggest question here is how will this prevent another attack?  Dawn’s body was recovered by other trainers when Tilikum was coralled into the med pool, and the floors were risen. Witnesses said Tilikum was still thrashing around, and it took 40 minutes to get Dawn out of his mouth. If another attack were to happen, the same situation would occur.

A recent photo was released that shows the pool at Shamu Stadium still under construction. In fact, the progress that was clearly shown in previous photos last year, seems to be totally torn apart. It boggles my mind as to how they are planning on creating a floor that displaces so much water, so rapidly and apparently the construction workers are stumped too. According to some reports, this is the third time the workers are starting over on the project.  This idea isn’t only pointless in terms of safety, but it is draining SeaWorld of money. Clearly this is an utter failure of a safety feature. They have been working on it for nearly a year. Perhaps it’s time to put it to rest.

For more information about SeaWorld’s attempt at updating its safety measures, check out my previous blog post: “Seaworld (finally) Moving Beyond Ropes and Nets in the Safety Department?”


2 thoughts on “SeaWorld’s Attempt at Updating its Safety Procedures Isn’t Going as Planned

  1. Actually, the pool floor is ready and they will be ready to install similar floors in the pools at San Antonio & San Diego before the end of the year. Get your info from the right source. The floor has been successfully tested by SeaWorld Engineers and they completely redid the DWS at Orlando to look more like One Ocean.

    • Yes, after a year of construction, the pool is nearing completion. The photo featured in this article was taken at the end of February and this article was written at the beginning of March (over a month ago.) My info did come from the correct source. As you can tell, the pool was still under construction at the time this article was written. Though now (a month later,) the pool is finally nearing completion. I don’t think you should comment on an article that is a month old and complain that it is not up to date. That seems a bit unfair.

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