Sign the Petition for Morgan!

This is just a quick post informing all my readers of a very important petition! As I type, this petition already has nearly 4,000 signitures! A few more and it will be off to the Embassy of the Netherlands, and Tenerife in Spain. This is an effort to urge the goverment, and Loro Parque that Morgan needs to be released!

Take just a quick peek and feel free to sign! To save you a trip to Google translate (for those of us who do not speak spanish)

In the first box sign your first name.
In the second box sign your last name.
In the third box write your email address.
And in the last box, type your zip code.
Check the box that says you agree with the terms of service, and submit!

Your signature could lead Morgan on the road to freedom. Luckily this isn’t the only way you can help save Morgan from a life in captivity. Keep up with Morgan’s status at Loro Parque, get the dirty details on the court cases, and learn how to help our cause by checking out OR

You can also learn about Morgan’s back story here By following me, you can keep up with the significant events in Morgan’s life. Thank you for reading, and for your efforts and concern for this cause. The battle for Morgan is not over yet!


6 thoughts on “Sign the Petition for Morgan!

  1. Dolphins and Orca should not be taken from their families simpy to entertain us and make big money for. Captivity is Enslavement. Captivity kILLS !!!!!

  2. Could you also add this one ..thye more petitions the better the awareness and pressure for supporting Freedom it will give.
    Please remind them of the releaseplan that FMF has!!

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