Ike’s Injuries At Seaworld


     In 2006, Seaworld sent 4 year old Ikaika away from his mother and his place of birth at Orlando, to sexually service Marineland Canada’s orca Kiska, on breeding loan.(Keep in mind that killer whales’ age progression closely mirrors that of humans. Our species reach sexual maturity around the same age, and we have similar life expectancies. A 4 year old whale is comparable to a 4 year old human.)

     This summer, Ikaika was in the midst of a custody battle between Marineland Canada, and Seaworld. The battle ended this fall when it was confirmed that Ikaika would be sent back to Seaworld, this time to Seaworld San Diego. It has been proposed that Ike was sought after by Seaworld due to Sumar’s death. The park would need another male sperm donor to replace Sumar. In mid November, Ike was transferred. Since that time I have

This picture of Ike surfaced around the beginning of December, 2011. A month after his transfer to San Diego. The rakes are clearly visible.

stumbled across many captivity supporters excited about his return to Seaworld, and praising his getting along with the other whales. Unfortunately, there is evidence that suggests Ike is not getting along with the other whales, and is actually doing very poorly. Several photos have been taken in the 38 days since Ike’s relocation. Most of them clearly show rake marks. It is normal for orcas to establish order, but these photos have been surfacing consistently and it appears as though the bullying hasn’t let up since his transfer which leads me to believe that he could be in danger. Ikaika was taken at a very young age from his mother, placed in a tank and expected to mate as soon as he became sexually mature (at about 14 years of age) with Kiska, a female whale 23 years older than him.

Ike is now 9 years old and hasn’t seen his mother for 5 years. Instead, he was taken again by Seaworld from the cool climate of Canada, to the warm climate of San Diego where he was put into a pool with strangers. This picture came up around the same time as the one posted above giving a better view of Ike’s rakes, where as this picture appeared on the 12/21/11 Shamu Cam showing even worse injuries to his eye patches.

This picture was taken on December 21, 2011. You can clearly see the rakes above his right eye.

 This picture, taken by blogger ONEDROP92 on Wednesday December 21,2011. While updates coming from certain media sources, and the pro captivity side have been encouraging the premise that Ike is “doing well,” these photos prove that he is having a hard time, and is in fact being injured by his tank mates. In addition, the transfer has left Kiska, a highly social animal, alone in her tank at Marineland, without a care by Seaworld Corporation.
After the major attention given the marine park by the press in the custody battle, these rakes have not been noted, and certainly not covered or exposed in any way by Seaworld. Feel free to spread the word about Ike’s poor condition at Seaworld San Diego.

8 thoughts on “Ike’s Injuries At Seaworld

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  3. He’s not in poor condition! Yes, these particular rakes do look quite harsh but he has to learn where he stands in the pod! They are exhibiting natural behaviour, surely that should be a good thing?

    • are you kidding? The difference between this happening in the bathtubs at Sea{prision}world and this happening in the wild is that A- he has no where to run and B his mother isnt there to protect him. Please try to at least be semi-educated on the subject before you speak!

  4. All for the sake of their breeding program….SW sentenced Kiska to isolation, brought back Ike because Sumar died, and they needed to replace their male pronto. They claim worry for his “health” was the reason for the move. If that is so, than why is Tekoa still at LP? If “the health and welfare of our animals is our top concern”? He is raked to death and not receiving good welfare, Ike was. He was being fed, he had husbandry toys, he was getting along with Kiska finally and had VERY little rake marks (and Kiska was showing him who is boss and finally accomplished it this year) and then SW needs him back so they don’t lose money on their “Sperm” banks? Very sad, also Am I the only who has noticed he has lost weight (The only improvements are growth in the pecs, dorsal and tail?) at San Diego?

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