Separating Seaworld from the Rest of the Industry

     There are many captivity supporters that will say they agree with and support Seaworld, but not select other facilities.

   Seaworld is the wealthiest, and most politically powerful corporation in the captivity industry. The parks that they have supported aren’t always so modern or humane. They have, and have had in the past, buisness and professional relationships with most other well-known marine parks around the world, including: Marineland Canada, Mundo Marino, Loro Parque, Dolphinarium Harderwijk, and Kamogawa Seaworld to name a few. The relationships usually involve the live cetacean trade, whether buying, or selling. But Seaworld also has taken a large part in loaning their animals for sexual services in return for money. We saw this in the case with Ike being sent as a youngster to Marineland Canada in hopes that he would mate with Kiska, Gudrun being bought specifically to mate, or Seaworld’s obtaining Kshamenk’s sperm for breeding purposes.

     It is impossible to support Seaworld but not support these facilities. By supporting Seaworld you are indirectly supporting these other marine parks. Seaworld’s very existence encourages others across the globe to build dolphinariums and exploit animals in the same way they do.


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